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All our plans include Amara's subtitle editor


A public workspace where subtitles can be created and edited by everyone.

Single User Only
No credit card required
  • Basic editor
  • Public Workspace
Most popular


A private space to create subtitles for you and your team.

$ 24 month
2 users included
$12 per additional user
  • Advanced Editor
  • Private Team Workspace


Manage internal teams, 3rd party vendors, and volunteers.

  • Advanced Editor
  • Powerful Team Management


Integrate Amara’s editor into your established workflows.

  • Advanced Editor
  • Integrated Into Your Workflow

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Amara host videos? Can I upload videos to Amara?

No, Amara does not host your videos, which means you remain in control of your videos and settings on the original hosting platform. Since Amara only streams videos from other hosting sites, you cannot upload videos directly to Amara.

You can add a video to stream on Amara from other video hosting sites. Make sure any video you add meets our terms of service. To add a video to Amara, you just need the video URL. We support mp3, mp4, ogv, webm file formats and URLs to videos on hosting platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.

Make sure the video is ready to play. A video must be embeddable and public in the video hosting site settings for it to play in the Amara Public Workspace. Paid Amara plans do support some videos with private settings, contact us at to learn more.

Can I subtitle videos that I don't own?

Yes, with Amara you can create subtitles for videos in the Amara Public Workspace.

If you don’t own the video, then you won't be able to export the subtitles back to the hosting site when they are completed. Your subtitles will be available on Amara to view and download.

Here are a few simple steps to help you get started creating quality subtitles.

I have subtitles already, can I edit them using Amara?

Yes, you can upload subtitle files directly in the subtitle editor or set up automatic subtitle syncing between Amara and your video hosting platform.

How can I see my subtitles on the original video hosting site?

After you create subtitles on Amara, you can download the subtitles and upload them anywhere else you host your videos.

Alternatively, you can set up an integration between Amara and your video hosting platform. After you set up an integration, when you publish subtitles on Amara, the subtitles will automatically export to the video hosting platform.

For Amara Free users, subtitle export is available with YouTube and Vimeo. For upgraded accounts, there are more video platforms available for subtitle export.

Does Amara provide automatic captions?

This service is not available yet. While we are working on this feature, you can upload automatic captions from video hosting platforms like YouTube. We highly recommend editing any automatic captions to ensure high quality output.

What kind of format will my subtitles be in after I create them using Amara?

You can download your subtitles from Amara in a variety of different formats. Note that open captions (those that are embedded into the video file) are only available through our Amara On Demand services.

Do you have more questions about which subtitle format you should use? Check out our blog post.

What if I need someone to help with subtitles?

Our subtitle editor provides built-in guidance and subtitle guidelines.

If you need professional subtitles or subtitles in a language you don't speak, you can order high quality subtitles in multiple languages from our professional subtitling service, Amara On Demand. Simply select your videos, pick the subtitle languages you want, and then submit your order directly from your Amara Plus team.

I added videos to Amara Free and then upgraded my account. How do I move the videos into my paid account?

When you create a paid account, a team workspace will be created for you. You can simply move the videos you had submitted to the Amara Public Workspace into your team workspace.

What are the payment options? Is there a time commitment?

Our Amara Plus plan is available via credit card payment and is billed on a monthly basis. There is no time commitment, you can cancel anytime. For details about our Enterprise options, please contact us at:

If I cancel my Amara Plan, what will happen to my subtitles and videos?

After you cancel your plan you will still have access to team workspace until “end of your payment period”. We recommend downloading your subtitle files from your team workspace to ensure that you continue to have access to your subtitles.

Any subtitles that have been automatically synced to a video hosting site (for example YouTube, Vimeo) will stay on those platforms after cancellation. All subtitles and video data will remain in your team space and will not be moved to the Amara Public Workspace after cancellation.

Have other questions?

Check out the Amara Support Center for answers to more questions!

Happy subtitling!