Manual Software Testing Training Part-1

Manual Software Testing Training Part-1

Manual Software Testing

Topics Covered:
1. What is Software? Types of Software’s?
2. What is Software Testing?
3. What is Software Quality?
4. Project Vs Product
5. Why do we need Testing?
6. Error, Bug & Failure
7. Why the software has bugs?

Manual Testing Notes and Tutorials :

Manual Testing Materials :

Manual Testing Interview Q & A:

00:41 Contents of video
08:29 What is software?
10:24 Types of software
11:03 System Software
13:33 Programming Software
14:32 Application Software
17:54|24:39 What is Software Testing?
19:46 Example for Software Testing
26:59 Software Quality
27:24 Bug Free
28:40 Delivery on Time
29:55 Within Budget
30:34 Meets requirements and/or expectations
31:00 Maintainable
32:55 Project
34:45 Product
37:07 Service based company
37:33 Product Based company
38:32 Why we need testing?
39:49 Error, Bug and Failure
45:21 Why software has bugs
45:27 Miscommunication or no communication
46:53 Software complexity
47:34 Programming errors
45:45 Changing requirements
49:35 Lack of skilled testers


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Selenium with Python & PyTest

Selenium with python using Robot framework

API Testing(Postman, RestAssured & SoapUI)

Web Automation using Cypress with Javascript

Jmeter-Performance Testing

SDET Essencials(Full Stack QA)

Appium-Mobile Automation Testing

Java Collections

Java Programming

Cucumber BDD Framework

Protractor with Javascript

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